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Nimi Group is the new vision of modern tourism, specializing in short-term rentals for apartments and other properties.

Today, more than ever, young individuals, tourists, and business travelers prefer renting apartments or other large spaces instead of small and cluttered hotel rooms. There is a clear preference for size, comfort and personal service over small rooms and a more-formal customer experience.

Nimi Group was founded in 2016 by Nimrod Erez and today manages 38 premium properties in Tel Aviv with a dedicated staff of 9 employees. These properties include apartments in highly-attractive locations in the heart of Tel Aviv, next to the beach, Kerem Hateimanim neighborhood, the Old North area, Dizengoff Square, Neve Tzedek, Northern Yaffo, Rothchild Avenue and Nachalat Binyamin.

All of Nimi Group’s apartments were designed by Michal Erez, a renowned Israeli interior designer, with the goal of providing a luxurious and modern travel experience. Each apartment follows a distinctive design style that fits the specific area of the city, including Bauhaus buildings, Modern buildings, and vintage buildings with a boutique style and tall ceilings. Each apartment is naturally well-lit and fitted with premium beds, mattresses, electrical appliances, and other amenities, down to the smallest detail. The apartments are designed to provide a very comfortable vacation or short to mid-term stay, including a washing and drying machine, a TV (with Netflix and premium sports channels), beach/face/hand towels and more.

Nimi Group provides a new and modern type of travel experience already preferred by most young travelers today. At the same time, interest from older, business-oriented travelers has greatly increased. This is thanks to better value and a comfortable, clean, and more-personal customer experience.

Tel Aviv is a diverse, lively and non-stop city that has plenty of fun experiences to offer, but you still need to know where and when to go. That’s where we come in!

Nimi Group is one of the only companies in the world capable of providing you with the most important information about Tel Aviv. All of our employees live in the city and are always up-to-date on the newest and best restaurants, public events and other fun activities. We’ll gladly offer our tips and directions to enjoy Tel Aviv’s most interesting locations, best food, and cultural hotspots. If you’re looking forward to Tel Aviv’s renowned nightlife, we’ll be there to help you find the best places to party according to your preferences!

Nimi Group has a major focus on providing a personal experience to our customers. Our goal is to get to know your needs and preferences as well as your feedback on how we can improve.

Nimi Group offers excellent solutions tailored for business travelers, including 24-hour check-ins, last-minute cancellations or other unforeseen changes to your plans.

More and more business travelers are switching to apartment rentals for a number of important reasons:

  • A Healthier Stay – Our apartments are fitted with premium kitchens and electrical appliances, allowing you to cook healthier food according to your preferred diet, be it vegan, vegetarian or omnivore.
  • A More Productive Stay – Nimi Group’s apartments are designed to offer you a comfortable place to work. Instead of a small hotel table, you can take advantage of an entire working area comfortable for any task. In fact, our newest Elipelet location offers an entire floor with full office services, meeting rooms and refreshments.

In 2019, Nimi Group is expected to serve over 45,000 clients all over Tel Aviv. Currently, Nimi Group’s activity is focused on a number of locations:

  • Elipelet 26 – Our flagship project, includes a swimming pool, fitness center, living area and working area (similar to WeWork). Apartments offer modern designs with huge windows and luxurious balconies overlooking the pool, beach and the surrounding area. The working area offers a free fast and stable internet connection, coffee and other refreshments.
  • Nachalat Binyamin 39 – Conveniently located in a highly-central area near Rothchild Avenue, Neve Tzedek and Kerem Hateimanim, this boutique location offers a gorgeous Bauhaus design with balconies, eclectic bedrooms and interior design of the highest grade. This is the ideal place to enjoy Tel Aviv’s signature atmosphere in a prestigious designer building.
  • Hakovshim 18 – Only 180 meters from Tel Aviv’s central beach, this is a beautiful 3-story building. Travelers can enjoy increased privacy with only 1 apartment per floor, as well as a penthouse apartment with a 65-sq. meter roof, where private or business events can be held.

Future Plans:

  • Nimi Group is in the final planning stages of a new type of apartment building that offers a 24/7 working area on the ground floor. The working area will include comfortable spaces, premium amenities, and refreshments, and will accommodate private meetings and events.
  • Continued upkeep and redesign of current properties to ensure the ultimate travel experience, including additional balconies.